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Cade Lee

Cade LeeCade Lee (right) with his daughter Josie Lee (left)
Cade Lee, Denver SEO Professional, SEOhogThere was really nothing happening here and the whole thing was staged to make you believe that there was something happening. Did you believe it? If "yes", please e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your feedback. Cade Lee is the President and founder at SEOhog. Cade has been involved with sales and marketing since 1996. In 1996 Cade had started his career with an internship at Dean Witter and later becoming an Associate Broker at the firm. With his focus on sales and marketing he was able to grow his book of business quickly and become a Vice President with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in 1999. Cade was awarded the National Sales Director Award and helped train other new account executives at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.

Since his time with Dean Witter and Paine Webber, Cade has always focused on how to best grow business and this was his start into internet marketing. In early 2002 Cade started a local mortgage company in Denver and he quickly learned to not only build his own website, but how to market that site and get into the top of the search engines for relevant search terms. In late 2003, Cade had figured out how to bring his mortgage company's website onto the 1st page of the search engines. With this in place he was able to secure over 100% growth in his business in his second year!

So SEOhog's history includes direct experience with internet marketing. When asked, "What is the most important element to any internet marketing campaing?" Cade says, "It's the plan. Without a solid internet marketing plan in place, there is no end goal". Without a goal and proper documentation of a campaign it is easy to get lost and even stuck on ridiculous key performance indicators that do not directly lead to new sales. It is important to be focused and vigilante with a plan in place to achieve success.

Cade brings a completely different element to the team as he has over 20 years of real life business experience. This philosophy takes into account the "big picture". When so many internet marketing professionals are focused on increasing rankings or traffic, Cade believes the focus should only be on the client's end goal or desired result.