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Learn Search Engine OptimizationSuffice it to say that there is information on how to optimize your website or get on the 1st page of Google all over the internet. The most difficult part about learning search engine optimization is choosing what to believe. Some SEO information is outdated and incorrect, while other information is perhaps too advanced.

The team at SEOhog decided that it would be best to share a complete resource on how to optimize your own website for free. Over the last several years, there were many projects that we have been approached with, and ultimately those businesses just did not have the budget to hire a SEO company. We wanted to develop a resource for those companies that had more time than money. So, we decided to venture out and produce some nice step-by-step guides on how you can start to optimize your website all on your own.

As you progress through each module, there might be some more advanced information that you would like to master. Please make certain to add your ideas along the way as each post can be commented on. All of our posts are moderated and so spam type comments that do not fit into the discussion will be removed and not considered for publication.

This Basic SEO section will provide you with information on how to best optimize your website “onsite." Here you will learn how to properly optimize your website so that you are not “over optimizing” the site while still providing Google with information that will help their robots decide the topic and relevant content information. Today, more than ever (especially over the past 5 years or so), it is important to have a well optimized website.

It is important to note that training in more advanced search engine optimization tactics and techniques is available through SEOhog's SEO Crossfit programs. The SEOhog team runs this special crossfit program twice a year and registration is limited. If you are interested in a hardcore workout for your website, SEO Crossfit may be right for you. To sign up or learn more about this program visit the SEO Crossfit page.