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Learn Search Engine OptimizationSuffice it to say that there is information on how to optimize your website or get on the 1st page of Google all over the internet. The most difficult part about learning search engine optimization is choosing what to believe. Some SEO information is outdated and incorrect, while other information is perhaps too advanced.

The team at SEOhog decided that it would be best to share a complete resource on how to optimize your own website for free. Over the last several years, there were many projects that we have been approached with, and ultimately those businesses just did not have the budget to hire a SEO company. We wanted to develop a resource for those companies that had more time than money. So, we decided to venture out and produce some nice step-by-step guides on how you can start to optimize your website all on your own.

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Here is a short video to help you do your keyword research!   You can use Google's Keyword tool (as we did in the video) to see the monthly search volume of your targeted keywords or to get new ideas for other keywords you should be targeting for your business.

Note the different results Google will show for search volume; Broad, Exact and Phrase. You may find keywords that have a great volume for Broad but have very little exact search volume.

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Google Alerts is a free email notificaiton tool that you can use to improve your Search Engine Optimization efforts. In this video you'll see how to set up a Google alert and learn some of the best ways to use these notifications for your SEO projects.

Setting up alerts for your project will help you in build and monitor your brand, keep on top of competitors, discover industry news and establish you and your business as industry experts. 

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