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The Ranking Report

The ranking report below shows the position of the following company's websites in the search engine results pages for Bing, Yahoo and Google:

  1. Applewood Plumbing and Heating
  2. Roto Rooter
  3. Done Plumbing & Heating
  4. Brothers Plumbing
  5. Total Plumbing
  6. Time Plumbing & Heating
  7. Bell Plumbing
  8. Ben Franklin Plumbing
  9. Hurricane Plumbing
  10. Master Plumbing
  11. Another Plumbing Company


Understanding This Ranking Report

Below you will find a comprehensive comparison of each of the websites as they are ranked in the search engines May 28, 2013. You may look at each of the individual rankings for each company at each of the major search engines by clicking on one of the reports icons below. 

Denver Plumbers Ranking Report

Competition Rankings Report
Visibility in Search Engines Comparison: Total


Marker  Hurricane Plumbing36%  arrow mid  up  36%     Marker  Roto Rooter27%  arrow mid  up  27%     Marker  Bell Plumbing24%  arrow mid  up  24%     Marker  Brothers Plumbing23%  arrow mid  up  23%     Marker  Ben Franklin Plumbing17%  arrow mid  up  17%     Marker  Time Plumbing & heating17%  arrow mid  up  17%     Marker  applewoodfixit.com14%  arrow mid  up  14%     Marker  Total Plumbing10%  arrow mid  up  10%     Marker  Master Blaster Plumbing5%  arrow mid  up  5%     Marker  Another Plumbing Company.biz1%  arrow mid  up  1%     Marker  Done Plumbing & Heating0%  arrow mid  dot 0%    

Visibility in Search Engines Comparison: Details