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Local SEO Citations - the New Link Building

This article, written by David Daniels, is about the increased popularity and importance of local business citations and how they can help get your website in front of prospective customers.

Local SEO citations and mobile madness have hit the T-minus mark and are ready for launch. The previous two years have just been test flights. You haven't seen anything yet regarding local search and the real power bestowed upon the people not old enough to vote yet.

Kids Rule the World, Just Ask Any One of the Brats

The consumers are only getting younger as their affinity for pressing “enter” grows. No longer is big business bound by the mercy of parents taking the youngster to the store as it was when you were a kid. In 2013, the kids carry the store and a full size library in their pocket.

Pay attention to the kids. Yes, your kid as well as every other kid on the planet. What do they do every day? Take a look around at the grade school, middle school, and high school kids ... They are the reason we are engaged in the current citation race.