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Organic SEO Case Study - Home Energy Improvement Company

SEOhog's Recent Client shows 223% Organic Growth in 4 months!

Here is a case study for one of our recent clients in the home energy improvement industry in Colorado. This was a Geotargeted SEO campaign and our search terms all include a city name.  Here, we will outline our efforts along with website statistics to show how we increased the search traffic.  SEOhog started work on this campaign January 2nd and in just four months, we had increased overall traffic to the website 112%!

Case Study - Overall Traffic in 4 MonthsThis graph comes from Google Analytics and shows the overall traffic for each month. From January to April, SEOhog was able to improve overall traffic from 170 to 362 visitors.  This campaign was strictly focused on organic placement - no paid advertising was used during this campaign.


Changes Implemented on Client's website

As our campaign advanced from January to April, we had completed two major changes to the client's website:

  1. Major onsite optimization (completed January 2nd, 2013) at start of project
    1. We completed all meta tags, alt-image tags, created internal links, improved the content, added pages and restructured the URL's to target specific keywords. 
    2. After all onsite optimization was completed, we restructured the sitemap and submitted it to webmaster tools. We also submitted all main menu URLs to an indexing tool to help reindex our new pages.
  2. Conversion tactics (completed March 6th, 2013) to keep visitors
    1. Once we had started to improve rankings in the search engines and had more visitors to the site, it was time to start focusing on ways to keep them on the site longer.   To do this we added videos and more images throughout the site.
    2. We added forms and made the phone number more promenant throughout the site to drive more calls and email leads.
    3. We also added a few (3) new blog articles this same week to grow the site and add internal links.

Cast Study - Organic Traffic in 4 MonthsThis graph also comes from Google analytics but shows strictly the organic traffic from the search engines. When we started in January, the site received 51 visitors from organic rankings.  Just three months later, the site had received 165 visitors from search.

Visitor Comparison:  January vs April

Traffic comparison The graph on the right breaks down and compares our first and third month's traffic sources.

January Traffic

As you can see in January (bottom graph), 33.5% of the traffic was direct and 36.5% was referral traffic.  That equates to almost 70% of traffic coming from visitors that already knew about the company or came from another internet property.  30% of the traffic in January came from the search engines which equated to only 51 visitors.  Our client's website was nowhere to be found in the SERPs and really only ranked for search terms dealing with their company's name.  This is typical for many websites owned by small businesses. Without a continuous effort to rank organically, companies will only show for search terms dealing with their name. The graph shows almost an even 33% pie chart - each source bringing in an equal amount of traffic.  Again, this is typical for small business owners with an SEO company or internal SEO campaign.  Without a SEO plan, your site's traffic is sure to be equally generated from direct, search and referal traffic.

April Traffic

Jumping forward 3 months, April's traffic (top graph) looks much better!  Direct traffic is now only 19% of the total visitors and search engine traffic has increased to almost 46% - an increase of 16%!  Even though traffic had increased 112%, referring traffic had stayed the same as we were able to get visitors from more referring sites such as directories, craigslist ads and content pieces we had created.  Organic visitors had jumped from 51 to 165 in April which is a 223% increase!

In April, our client's website was receiving 81% of it's traffic from our marketing efforts.  At SEOhog, our goal is to always keep marketed traffic above 75% for all of our clients.

Offsite SEO Campaign Strategy

Content Article StrategyWe handled the beginning of our offsite optimization just like all of our other SEO campaigns.  We start out link building through several content marketing efforts to create a diverse anchor text portfolio.  We make sure to build links to not only the home page but to all main menu pages as well to start building up their popularity. In the first month of our campaigns, we link with industry specific anchor text (both long and short tail) as well as variations of the company name.

After month one, our SEO campaigns are broken up into keyword phases.  The number of keywords targeted depends on the client's budget but we recommend never focusing on more than 12 at a time.  This way your efforts are concentrated so you can actually see the results of your work in the near future.  You can read more about our SEO Packages or call with any questions (303) 747-4113.  Our keyword phases are broken up to target specific landing pages so all of our links are not coming into one page.  It is also important to have a variety of anchor text pointing at each landing page.  Once we achieve first page ranking for all of phase 1 keywords, we start targeting our phase 2 keywords.  Our goal is to have 2 or 3 phases completed during the year long campaign.

Content Strategy

In this particular campaign, we had created 6 EzineArticles, 4 Squidoo Lenses and 26 blog articles for the content link building strategy in the first four months.   The goal is to have different resources linking to different pages of your site with different anchor text.  In the next phase of this campaign, we will target other content sources to get links from other internet properties to our landing pages.

When you write content about your industry, it helps you become an expert.  The more content you write from different sources, the more likely visitors are going to come across it or find it when they are researching your company.  There is nothing that leads to converting prospective customers better than having content pieces about your company, products or services found online!

Content writing is also the easiest way to build links to your site with targeted anchor text!

SEO Case Study Conclusion

We are very happy with the results of this organic SEO campaign and hope to double organic traffic again in another 4 months.  Our client has seen an increase in their number of calls as well as the number of consultations they have set since they hired SEOhog.  

It is very important to remember your SEO strategy needs to change constantly.  You cannot simply focus on one technique, you need to constantly try new things.  Simply doing onsite optimization is not going produce results like above. Also getting backlinks from one source with the same anchor text will not get your results like above.  Ranking organically is hard work but worth it in the end.  

If you are interested in finding out how a campaign like this could improve your online rankings, leads and total website visitors to your site - please call us (303) 747-4113.  Click here to learn more about SEOhog or follow the author