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Internship Position

internet marketing internSEOhog has begun the search for our first Internet Marketing Intern. We are proud to offer a one semester long Internet Marketing Internship position to Denver's best and brightest. College students working towards a degree in Communications or Marketing are encouraged to apply for this position.

As a SEOhog intern you will learn what it takes to effectively market a business online. During the internship period the intern will be taught how to successfully carry out Internet Marketing tasks, and help fulfill company goals. Our intern will learn to utilize social media platforms in order to increase our clients' online presence. The intern will spend time learning how to write and market articles and press releases for our clients in the interest of boosting their online reputation and increase visibility. Finally our intern will join us in client meetings to address customer services issues and foster positive client relations.

What are we looking for in an Internet Marketing Intern?
• Creativity
• Desire to learn
• Research skills
• Advanced writing skills
• Experience using social media
• Basic knowledge of HTML would be awesome, but we're happy to help you learn

The candidate we choose for the SEOhog's Internet Marketing Internship will learn about the tools and methods used in successful Internet marketing campaigns. This internship is perfect for a student who would like to learn more about marketing in the digital era.

Our Internship will look nothing like this:

If you are interested in our SEO internship for the fall, please fill out the application on the right.